Partnerships and Collaboration

I am a design engineer, and so my primary interest is in designing new products. However, I have little interest in day-to-day business operations.

As such, I am seeking someone to act as a distributor. Ideally this distributor would already be a love doll or sex toy vendor. I can think of one of the following arrangements, in order from least to most commitment:

  • I send you a batch, and you can sell it individually, together with your dolls or however, and we split the profit.
  • You are my official vendor, and I direct my customers to buy from your site
  • If you have the capability, I can teach you or your employees to manufacture the SRP, and you handle the entire supply chain while I just take a royalty

I am currently unsure if whether I want to patent the design, or let everyone use it. For now, if you would like to build your own device, contact me for the manufacturing instructions. Also, I have discontinued the wireless model, but I have a bunch of spare parts. If you want to build a wireless SRP, I’ll send them to you if you cover shipping costs.

Alternatively, if you are a sex toy or love doll manufacturer, and would be interested in outright buying Revy Innovations and all our IP, I would be open to that. Ideally you should already have the manufacturing capability to take the Revy Innovations SRP to the next level.

I am also seeking advertisers, ideally confirmed bachelors since that appears to be my market audience.