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Partnerships and Collaboration

I am seeking advertisers/youtubers/etc to market my product(s). If you already advertise love dolls, and would also like me to sponsor you, please contact me.


I am a design engineer, and so my primary interest is in designing new products. However, I have little interest in day-to-day business operations.

As such, I am seeking someone to act as a distributor. Ideally this distributor would already be a love doll or sex toy vendor. I can think of one of the following arrangements, in order from least to most commitment:

  • I send you a batch, and you can sell it individually, together with your dolls or however, and we split the profit.
  • You are my official vendor, and I direct my customers to buy from your site
  • If you have the capability, I can teach you or your employees to manufacture the SRP, and you handle the entire supply chain while I just take a royalty

I am currently unsure if whether I want to patent the design, or let everyone use it. For now, if you would like to build your own device, contact me for the manufacturing instructions. Also, I have discontinued the wireless model, but I have a bunch of spare parts. If you want to build a wireless SRP, I’ll send them to you if you cover shipping costs.

Alternatively, if you are a sex toy or love doll manufacturer, and would be interested in outright buying Revy Innovations and all our IP, I would be open to that. Ideally you should already have the manufacturing capability to take the Revy Innovations SRP to the next level. The SRP is limited by having to work around the design of existing love dolls, issues that a love doll manufacturer would not have.