Follow Me Eyes

The eyes are 50% “oh that’s nice she’s looking at me” and 50% “this is some freaky-ass halloween shit” so please watch the video above to make sure you like the effect. (I think it’s only when she’s looking down)

I have the following “irises” in this image. If you want one of these, enter a number from “1” to “18” under “style”

If you want another iris:
– Go on Amazon and search “15mm cabochon” and send me the link under “style” and more details under “comments”
– I am currently working on custom printed irises, so I’m not limited to what Amazon provides me. I will update this page when I figured it out. Send me an email ( if you want to be notified when I do.

– Note that these don’t work. The ENTIRE 15mm cabochon has to be the iris. It cannot include the sclera (which is what the 3D-printed structure represents).

Shipping Option
Style (1-18)

Please allow for 2 weeks assembly and shipping. I’m ONE person. Also note that this is longer than the main SRP since there’s a good chance I won’t have the exact parts for what you order.

Contact Email: