Follow Me Eyes

The eyes are 50% “that’s nice she’s looking at me” and 50% “this is some freaky Halloween stuff” so please watch the video above to make sure you like the effect.

(I think it’s only when she’s looking down, so unless you’re shorter than your doll you should be fine)

They are 30mm in diameter, and I’ve used them on dolls with OEM eyes 35mm. Not sure what other OEM sizes they would work for.

I have the following “irises” in these image. Enter a number from “1” to “31” under “style” (or multiple numbers if you’re ordering multiple eyes at once).

1-18, 34, 35 are super-vibrant, 19-33 are significantly duller. Super-vibrant eyes are highly recommended. I would make all the eyes super-vibrant if I could, but unfortunately the manufacturing processes doesn’t let me. See the image on the left for a comparison between #21 (realistic) and #34 (super-vibrant).

1, 11, 18 are best for anime eyes.

Or put “custom” under “style” and send me an image to (which will probably take longer), note that only the iris is customizable, all eyes have a white sclera.

Here is a starting point if you want to make your own and you suck at photoshop: (to edit, click file->make a copy):

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Okay with alternatives (if the one you ordered is not in stock)
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Please allow for a 2 weeks assembly and shipping. I’m ONE person. Also note that this is longer than the main SRP since I might not have the exact parts for what you order.

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