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Order SRP – $369 (free shipping) (scroll down for accessories)

Insert Size
Removable Insert Length
Additional Comments
*Sizes run large: Several people got “regular” and found it too small, so far no one got “large” and found it too big.

Please allow for a week for assembly and shipping. I’m ONE person.

Also, if you’re ordering accessories like spare inserts and smart controllers, check out with all of it at once so it gets included with the SRP’s free shipping.

Chart for inserts: (Order large if you’re not sure, you can always jam random pieces of TPE in there to make it tighter. If you want to be extra-safe, order the SRP with one size, and buy the other one below under “accessories”. Or ask for both in the comments when you’re ordering an SRP, maybe I’ll be nice)

Girth Recommended Insert Size
< 3.5 inch Regular, plus find some extra silicone/TPE from another toy to jam in there to take up some space
3.5-5.0 inch Regular
5.0-5.5 inch Large
5.5-6.0 inch Try the large, and if it doesn’t work, message me and I’ll send you some custom parts

TDH / If you are planning on buying a doll: Buy the doll from dc.the-doll-house.com, and ask them to confirm compatibility with the SRP.

Spare SRP Inserts ($19.99)

If you’re not sure what size insert you want, just buy one insert with the SRP, and the other one separately here.

Also, I sell these at cost, because I want people to get the best experience with their SRP. If you are worried about getting the wrong insert size, please get a spare of the other size.


Non-Compatible SRP Adapter ($79.99)

This is an adapter that replaces the back of the SRP, allowing it to be partially inserted into a non-compatible doll (i.e. one with a cavity that is <15cm, or with no removable insert) including non-full-size dolls. It inserts into both vaginal and anal cavities at once, and has a nub that allows it to be held in by a pair of panties or something similar. It still protrudes halfway out of the doll, so as such, does not give you the full insertable SRP experience.

It also requires a Philips screwdriver to install.

Finally: This is a horrible purchase, and is a huge compromise, and won’t get you the full insertable SRP experience. It’s much better to get a compatible doll (assuming you can afford one).


Potato SRPs ($279): For people who are too broke to buy a normal SRP, and want a defect/prototype, (or want a wireless model)


No guarantee on quality, but I do guarantee that they will work (if not, contact me for refund/fix). They’re also usually older models so will miss some of the newer features. Sometimes they’re prototypes, in which case I will ask you give me feedback.

  • Wireless SRP: Brand-new Wireless SRP. But I thought they were discontinued? This was sent somewhere overseas, and got lost in the mail system before being returned to me. But it never got to its destination, so is still brand-new.
  • Test Model: This was sent to vendors as a demo unit. It has some mineral oil on it to test fit in a doll, but was never used.
  • Slightly outdated model (x2): no locking clip, or locking clip disabled (read the instructions to understand what the locking clip is) and uses an outdated motor. I’m probably going to compensate for the motor with an out-of-the-box overclock, with free repairs if it gets damaged even with the overclock.
Insert Size
Removable Insert Length
Additional Comments

Waifu Goo ($45)


A special lube formulated based on complaints that mineral oil (for which the SRP is designed to be used with) was too watery.

Chemical Properties: Waifu Goo is an inorganic oil-based lubricant, meaning:
– It will not damage electronics, so can be used with the Revy Innovations SRP
– It will be absorbed by TPE over time, and can be used as TPE moisturizer (in place of mineral oil or petroleum jelly).
– It won’t grow weird things (unless mixed with other substances)

Physical Properties: Waifu Goo is a gel with a low-melting temperature, meaning:
– It will (sort of) keep its form if left alone
– It has a consistency similar to liquid hand soap (this is the best analogy I could think of, if you ordered it and have a better description, please tell me)
– It will melt upon contact with body heat. You can tell because in addition to becoming much runnier, it will turn from a cloudy texture to a clear texture

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