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Please allow for a week for assembly and shipping. I’m ONE person.

Also, if you’re ordering accessories like spare inserts and smart controllers, check out with all of it at once so it gets included with the SRP’s free shipping.

Chart for inserts: (If you’re not sure, order the SRP with one size, and buy the other one below under “accessories”. Or ask for both in the comments when you’re ordering an SRP, maybe I’ll be nice)

Girth Recommended Insert Size
< 3.5 inch Regular, plus find some extra silicone/TPE from another toy to jam in there to take up some space
3.5-5.0 inch Regular
5.0-5.5 inch Large
5.5-6.0 inch Try the large, and if it doesn’t work, message me and I’ll send you some custom parts

Note: Even if you buy a smart controller, you still need the speed controller as a power supply. Hence why the SRP always comes with a speed controller.

TDH / If you are planning on buying a doll: Buy the doll from dc.the-doll-house.com, and ask them to confirm compatibility with the SRP.



The Smart Controller is discontinued, because it took too much work to manufacture.



If you’re not sure what size insert you want, just buy one insert with the SRP, and the other one separately here.

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