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Neck Hook with Head

Basically a neck hook except you don’t need to remove her head.


  • Can hang your waifu with her head still on.
  • Install without tools.
    • Unscrew her head
    • Put the hook on
    • Screw her head back on
  • Compatible with wigs
  • Strong enough to handle rough “use” with even heavy dolls. Full refund if you manage to break it during “normal” use. (Tested to break at ~400lbs. I’m not responsible for what happens if you try to test that on your own.)

Ways to use:

  • Store in closet with head on
  • If you have a canopy bed, you can tie her to the canopy bed for cowgirl (with you thrusting up into her)
    • she can sit up without falling over. Including in cowgirl position. Even hovering slightly (with her feet/legs touching the bed so she isn’t swinging around randomly, but her butt is hovering a few inches above the bed)
    • I can pull her towards me for a hug, fairly effortlessly. Either in kneeling or standing (or floating) position. The best way I can describe it is that the neck hook together with a canopy bed, (in gaming terms) gives a doll the “balance” ability and “weightless” ability.
  • f you have a canopy bed, you can tie her using workout resistance bands, to reduce her effective weight (from 70lbs into 10-20lbs)
  • Alternatives to canopy bed: Anything able to handle the weight of the doll. I have a full- size squat station with pullup bar, and I’ve used that as well.
  • Wireless winch in production (email me if you’re interested at

Please allow for 4 weeks assembly and shipping. I’m ONE person. Also note that this is longer than the main SRP since it’s made-to-order.

Contact Email: