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What Makes the Revolver SRP Different?

Can be inserted into your “Love Doll”

High Torque Motor 5x more powerful than other SRPs

Designed & Built by an Aerospace Engineer, with Superior “Robotics” Grade components

Accommodates “Larger” individuals

Made in America

Information and FAQ

What is the difference between the Revy Innovations SRP and other SRPs?The Revy Innovations SRP is specifically designed to fit in the cavity of a love doll.
How does the power/speed/torque compare to other SRPs?The Revy Innovations SRP is much more powerful than other SRPs. Make sure to use sufficient lube.

The speed is 260 RPM normally (both wired and wireless) or 400RPM overclocked (wireless only). Most SRPs are only 120RPM.
Max torque is 290 oz-inch (Most SRPs are 100 oz-inch)
Max power is 10W (Most SRPs are 2W)

The Revy Innovations SRP achieves its power in such a small form factor because it makes full use of the space it is given, and also uses high-quality robotics-grade components. Hold the Revy Innovations SRP in one hand and generic SRP in another, and you will discover that the Revy Innovations SRP is deceptively heavy.
This other SRP advertises 4000/10,000/20,000 RPM?I have no idea where they get their numbers, most of them only run at 120RPM.
Also, how much does it slow down under “load”? IE how much torque does it have? Does it even advertise the torque? There’s a tradeoff between torque and RPM, so if a very impressive RPM is advertised but no mention of torque, they’ve probably traded torque for RPM.
Wasn’t this thing wireless/smart?While the SRP was originally wireless, it has changed to wired. The wired variant is comparatively simple, robust, reliable, and capable of bi-directional movement. It has equal power on paper, but can be “overclocked”. The wireless model has been discontinued and sold out (sorry).

Also, the smart controller (for the wired variant) was also discontinued, because it was too complicated
Will the SRP fit my doll? / How large is the SRP?The SRP measures 6.3cm by 17.8cm.
The doll must have a removable insert option (minimum recommended size: 4cm by 15cm).

For reference, a 16oz redbull can measures 6.3cm by 17.6cm. If you are unsure that the SRP will fit in your doll, buy a 16oz redbull can, put it in a plastic bag, lube it up, and put it in your doll. If the labia closes around the can, your doll should be able to fit a SRP.

If you want to buy a doll, if you buy it from, they can confirm it is SRP-compatible.
What if my doll isn’t compatible?If you have a non-compatible doll, you can get the SRP adapter on the /order/ page, but it’s definitely a compromise, much better to have a compatible doll.
My girth is X / what insert should I get?Regular is for up to 5.0 inch circumference
Large is for 5.0 inch to 5.5 inch

The superior torque of the SRP should be able to handle “over-girth”. That being said, more people got “regular” and found it too small, than “large” and found it too big. Also, if you find an insert too large, you can always jam some random pieces of TPE in there to take up space.
My length is X, can I go balls deep?Probably not. Although the total length of the SRP is only 168mm (6.6 inch) , the insertable length is only half that. This is because the motor takes up much of the limited space.

What is included?
The base package includes the SRP, the Speed Controller, an insert, and a small vial of mineral oil for lube
The Smart Controller can be bought under “Accessories” at the bottom of the page. Extra inserts are also available under “Accessories”.
If you’re buying accessories together with an SRP, please select the “no-shipping” option with the accessories and checkout with everything in the same cart so I know to put everything in one box.
Is the packaging discreet?The packaging is totally discreet. It will either be a featureless grey bag, or a USPS priority mail envelope. If you open the bag, there will be a white box from “Revy Innovations”.
What kind of lube should I use? (TL;DR Mineral Oil or Waifu Goo)You should only use oil-based lubes. The SRP is designed to be used with mineral oil (which you would need for general doll maintenance anyways). However, some people found that mineral oil was too thin/watery, so I developed “Waifu Goo” which is basically a thicker version of mineral oil, and can be bought on the /order/ page.
Silicone lubes will damage the silicone insert (and your doll if your doll is made of silicone)
Water-based lubes evaporate too quickly, given the SRP’s excessive lube consumption, and also risk damaging the electronics (while significant effort has been made to make the SRP water-resistant, it is not water-proof)

More Information
If you want video format, TFM’s review videos are here:

The archive section of the status page has a lot of (outdated) information:


Feedback (from Testers)

TFM: “That toy, holy shit. It made me cum so hard I almost pulled an ab muscle, and it took less than 10 seconds! What RPM motor did you use because it feels a lot more powerful than the SRPs I’m used to which use a 400 RPM motor. That was hands-down the best toy I’ve ever used. I wonder where they came up with 400 RPM then, either way I can tell this is better, and I wouldn’t make it any faster honestly. It’s plenty good as is. I would probably pass out if it was any faster.”

Echo: “Pros have been simulation is very good, battery life is great, the app works, and it’s not as loud as I thought it’d be. Cons are needing to relube at least once (for me) before achieving climax (Mostly using it at higher speeds uses up the lube and just need more), using with hands is definitely not as satisfying as mounting it to fuck.”