Disclaimer: I hesitate to give any concrete dates since my estimates are always horribly off, and any such dates I do give are only estimates and probably really bad ones

Current Pre-Order status:

(12/6/2021) Smart Controller discontinued, remaining stock discounted to $100. ORDERS AFTER DEC 17 WILL NOT MAKE IT IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS. ORDERS AFTER DEC 20 WILL NOT BE SHIPPED UNTIL THE NEW YEAR.

The smart controller has been discontinued as it was too much to make. I have 6 left, and have discounted them to $100/unit as a holiday promotion, while supplies last.

Orders placed before December 17 will make it by Christmas

Orders placed between December 17 and December 20th will be shipped, but will not make it for Christmas

Orders placed after December 20 will not be shipped until the new year.

Archive / History / Outdated

Sometimes I make references to past information, this provides context. Also, there is much more information here than anywhere else on the site, although most of it is probably outdated.

Wired SRP in stock (July 31, 2021)

In “regular” distribution

Fulfilling All Pre-Orders with “Want it faster” option // Fulfilling Pre-Orders with “Willing to wait” option and “Speed Controller ONLY” (June 12, 2021)


Current Pre-Order Status:

-All Pre-Orders with “Want if faster” option are being fulfilled

-Pre-Orders with “Willing to wait” option and “Speed Controller ONLY” are being fulfilled

-Pre-Orders with “Willing to wait” and “Speed Controller AND Smart Controller” is not being fulfilled at the moment (Just making some last few tweaks to the Smart Controllers, and then they’ll start going out)

The plan is to fulfill all current pre-orders by August or at latest September, and then start stocking up for the 2021 spropu (holiday) season.

Fulfilling Pre-Orders with “Want it faster” option OR “speed controller only” (May 18, 2021)

Current Pre-Order Status: Fulfilling Pre-Orders with “Want it faster” option and “speed controller only”, as well as “wireless model”

Soon, we will begin also fulfilling Pre-Orders with “Willing to wait” option and “speed controller only”. Also, around the same time, the custom controller will be ready, and I will also begin fulfilling Pre-Orders with “Want it faster” option and “speed controller and custom controller”

Then, we will begin also fulfilling Pre-Orders with “Willing to wait” option and “speed controller and custom controller”

The plan is to fulfill all current pre-orders by the 2021 spropu (holiday) season

[SRP #6] Starting Fulfillment ANSWER THE QUESTIONS IF YOU PREORDERED (Wed, May 12, 2021)

Hey All,
TFM has just reviewed the new wired variation
Here’s the plan moving forwards:
– The “official” version will be the wired variation, with integrated insert- To simplify things, wired controller will either be “speed controller only” or “speed controller and custom controller” (the custom controller will use the speed controller for a power supply). If you pre-ordered before the choice was made available, you are automatically put in “speed controller and custom controller” but can choose to downgrade to “speed controller only” for a $50 refund.
– I will be making a limited supply of the original wireless variation (<10). If you would like one of these, please let me know, and I’ll try to get you one. However, once this limited supply runs out, I will not be making any more. Also, if you want a wireless variant, you will be automatically placed into “want it faster, and am okay with things not being perfect” since I’m not intending on making any further updates to the wireless variant (although the wireless variant does come with the new integrated insert).

Pre-orders will be fulfilled starting with people who selected “want it faster, and am okay with things not being perfect”. Exact detail depends on:
-The order in which you ordered the SRP
-Whether you are US or overseas (mistakes are more likely near the beginning, so I’d rather ship those to US addresses for which repairs/fixes are less hassle)
And also your answers to the following questions:
A) Are you okay with only receiving the regular-sized insert (The large-sized insert still has some issues I’m trying to work out)
B) Would you like a $50 refund and not receive the custom controller (Same as above for the custom controller)
Please also make sure to send me your updated address if it has changed since you made your order.

As I work through these orders, the instructions, minor details, packaging, etc. will be completedAnd then those who selected “am okay with waiting for everything to be perfected” will receive their model
I’m hoping to deliver all pre-orders by 2021 spropu season (vaguely defined)
Thanks for all your support.

Fyi regular is for up to 5.0 inch girth, large is for 5.0 inch to 6.0 inch.
Larger than 6.0 inch…try the large and if it doesn’t work, I’ll send you some custom parts

[SRP #5] Wired Variant Controller Poll (Monday April 12, 2020)

Hi All,

The wired variant’s design is getting closer to the finish. I’m also manufacturing a limited supply of wireless models for those who really want one.

Moving on to the accessories: Here are the “controllers” that I could include with the SRP:

Speed Controller:A single knob that turns on and off the SRP, and controls how fast it spins. Required for overclocking (from 260 RPM to 400 RPM)
Custom Controller:A custom controller meant specifically for the SRP. It’ll allow various patterns, forwards/reverse, random, etc, whatever I choose to code. Can even be overclocked (if used together with the speed controller).


It’s expensive because I have to custom build it (hence the name), adding about $50 to the price. I’ll still include it for pre-orders, since these extra features are built into the wireless version that many of you originally paid for, so you should still get them with the wired version. Which leads me to the question:

If you pre-ordered, would you accept a $50 refund, and give up the custom controller in exchange for the speed controller?
If you did not pre-order, would you pay an extra $50 to get the custom controller (instead of the speed controller)?

A) Yes
B) No

C) Don’t care (probably because you’re planning on getting both anyways)

Also, if anyone can find a product that already exists which can automatically give various patterns and change direction like the custom controller, please let me know.  
On another note, I’m also planning to have a Battery Pack (purchased separately), but it reduces speed from 260RPM to 200RPM and CANNOT be overclocked.


[SRP #4] Wired Installation Poll

Hi All,
Making solid progress on the wired variation. I’m debating where to put the wire. The obvious solution is to send it out the front, like so:


However, the alternative is to penetrate it through the back of the cavity, and out the back.

1) You would receive an SRP, on a long wire.
2) Use duct tape to put it on the end of a shishkabob skewer
3) Shove it through your doll’s vaginal cavity until it comes out her back.


4) Remove the tape and then the skewer
5) You should now have a SRP wire embedded in your doll, going through the back of the vaginal cavity out her back. This is what it looks like on my doll (except with a wire instead of a tube).

The question:
A) Would you be comfortable with performing this operation, knowing that it would permanently leave a hole in your doll? (or perhaps worse if you mess up somehow)B) If you originally wanted the wireless version (because you didn’t want the awkward wire coming out of the vaginal cavity), would you be okay with a wire coming out the back?


PS: In case you’re wondering, the tube is for lube

[#3] SRP Patterns Poll (Sat, Jan 16, 2021)

Hi All,
Almost all people seemed to want the wired version, which we’re definitely pursuing. Still, removing bi-directional rotation from the wireless version seemed to get rid of the problems, which I’ll find out for sure in two months. If so, it might stay on the table (but priority will be given to wired version).
Next Poll:
What patterns do you really want on the SRP, and/or are your favorite(s) on the toys that you own?

Current patterns: ( Frequency is adjustable for wired version, and wireless version in wireless mode. )
Reverse: (wired only)
Alternating: ON/OFF or FOR/REV with 500ms frequency (default)
Random1: ON/OFF or FOR/REV with random frequency (default average 500ms) 
Random2: random speed, with random frequency (default average 500ms)

Some comments:
– I tried to focus on random, since that was missing from most other toys. But it looks like I ignored most of the patterns that other toys seem to have.
– I’m going to try to limit the total number of patterns, since priority is simplicity for now. Please keep your answer to the few patterns that you really want / actually use on your toys, and refrain from randomly brainstorming stuff. Also, I won’t be incorporating all suggestions.
– Reminder that the wireless version is uni-directional (which might have more similar patterns to a vibrator), and the wired version is bi-directional.


[SRP #2] Wired Variation Poll (Thu, Dec 24, 2020)

Hi All,
Thanks for responding to the first survey. For pragmatism, I am removing the bi-directional movement. However:

I got the idea (from one of you, thanks) to make a wired SRP variation. What is your opinion?

A) It’s a great idea, build it now and shelve the wireless variation (those that have already made pre-order will be offered a refund if they don’t want a wired variation)
B) Make both variations (those that have already made pre-order will be offered to switch to the wired variation)
C) Shelve the idea for now and stick with the wireless, I can’t get over the wire
(“shelving” basically means I put aside the work for now, and figure out if I want to restart it after finishing the other variation).

This variation would probably add a (ideally beige) wire coming out from the edge of the SRP. This will allow moving all the electronics except for the motor outside the SRP. In exchange for the unrealism of the wire (which is why I initially discounted this approach), it will allow the following:- Bigger, beefier batteries AND/OR power-outlet operation
– SRP slightly easier to insert, and overall easier to use and maintain (fewer moving parts)
– A handheld remote (easier to operate and no need for an Android phone) (the “wireless”/”smart” is not a feature; it’s a requirement for being able to operate the device inside the cavity of a doll. It actually makes the device less user-friendly).
– Reintroduction of bi-directional operation, and overall beefier and more reliable electronics
– Modular construction (without the remote, you could plug the SRP directly into the power source, and it would still work. So it would open up the possibility of delivering without the remote for people that are super impatient, and then shipping the remote later. Would even open up the possibility of “overclocking” the SRP, aftermarket remotes, etc.)

-The price wouldn’t really change (I’ll spend the savings from the reduced complexity on the beefier parts).-Remaining work is roughly the same. Even though the wireless design is decently mature, the wired design is so much simpler, although I’d be kind of sad to throw away all our wireless work. Making both would take longer than one individually, but faster than both if making them one after the other.

If you respond, please also include your opinion on the following:
– If you would like the wired variation, how important is battery operation (as opposed to being able to plug into the wall)? What about rechargeable batteries (that are more expensive and require special equipment) vs AA batteries (that you can buy at any store, and even buy rechargeable AA batteries)?



[SRP #1] Revy Innovations SRP Bi-Directional Movement Poll (Sat, Dec 12, 2020)

Hi All,

If you’re receiving this email, that means that you’ve somehow gotten onto my SRP email list, probably by using the contact form. Note that the contact form is mostly for farming emails and collecting data.  If you want to pre-order, go here:
At any rate, please provide your opinion on the following question:

How important is bi-directional movement? I.E. the ability for the motor to spin in both directions. This would enable reverse and alternating, and spice up “random”.
A) super importantB) would be nice to have, but being insertable and powerful is good enoughC) don’t care
The motor driver on the electronics has been my biggest issue on this project since it started 2 years ago. Because the motor is so powerful, and in so small a space, it is wreaking havoc in a lot of different ways. Only doing single-direction movement would greatly simplify the problem, allowing me to go to market much sooner, make the overall product simpler and more reliable, and also improve my mental health.
The argument for keeping bi-directionality is that it gives more options for the SRP, which improves variety would give your waifu some “personality”.

When you respond, please include:
1) whether you own any other SRPs
2) if they are bi-directional or uni-directional
3) if you have a preference for clockwise vs counter-clockwise.