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GirthRecommended Insert Size
< 3.5 inchRegular, plus find some extra silicone/TPE from another toy to jam in there to take up some space
3.5-5.0 inchRegular
5.0-6.0 inchLarge
6.0-6.5 inchTry the large, and if it doesn’t work, message me and I’ll send you some custom parts

I still have a couple of the (discontinued) wireless version described in the video below. If you want one, purchase a SRP + Speed Controller, and then email me directly to let me know you want the wireless version.

If you ordered before the whole “controller” options got added, you are getting the smart controller by default (probably)

Added option for people who want the device faster, and are willing to accept unrefined accessories.
Basically this would allow us to ship your product without worrying about minor details.
Some items that may be “unrefined” include the color scheme, packaging, and details with the device itself that do not significantly affect functionality. If you pick this option and you end up not being okay with whatever ends up “unrefined” let me know and I’ll send you replacement parts.

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For miscellaneous payments
Also for whatever crazy reason (probably because of my choice of advertiser) people want to “support” me. So if you extra money you want to throw into a hole, I have an “SRP giveaway fund”